Issues with SFTP reporting available storage size

Recently I have downloaded and installed RaiDrive, to use it’s functionality, thus connecting a couple of directories, available on my Linux servers, as a network drives. Everything is working perfectly, hovewer I faced issue with correct reporting of free space.

On all drives mounted to my two servers (CentOS & Debian - both using OpenSSH), I see “7.99EB free of 7.99EB” in Windows File Explorer. Having such huge storage would solve all my capacity issues :slight_smile:, however obviously this is not the case and this is error. In RaiDrive console I see only “unknown capacity” information next to each drive.

I have googled through the forum as well as through online documentation, but haven’t found any information on my issue. Could you please help me how to fix/workaround this issue and get actual and reliable information on the storage usage? I have access to the servers, so modifying parameters of SSH server is possible in my case.

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I just updated RaiDrive to the latest version and the issue still persists. Anyone has any idea how to get correct capacity reporting in case of using sftp mount over OpenSSH?


Hi~ @SWN,

Linux servers can have different sizes for each directory, so it is difficult to know how much space is actually available. So, we are not providing a capacity indication.
You can set the maximum capacity in the edit of SFTP drive.

Hi @RaiDrive

thank you for your answer. OK, I understood.

Could you please elaborate more on the “capacity” functionality? I looked into documentation, but frankly speaking haven’t found much on this particular topic. In general - this solution is OK for me, however I have few doubts…

During my previous try and error attempts to solve the issue, I already entered the desired capacity in the dialog box, but the result I have is, that Windows reports that the drive is free. No data consumed at all. For example, when I set 2900GB in “capacity” dialog box (which matches the actual partition size on remote server) and then remounted the drive, Windows keeps reporting 2900 of 2900GB free, despite the fact that I uploaded on the drive around 220GB of data. I repeated the same steps just few minutes ago with the newest version of RaiDrive and still had information, that my drive is 2900 of 2900GB free, despite having there a little bit of data.

So should it be considered as error? If not - could you please tell more/less how the functionality works and what should I expect from it?

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hi @RaiDrive

sorry for nagging, but do you have any updates/comments to my last post? :slight_smile:


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Have you found a solution by now? I’m having the exact same problem.