Installation needs repair after each reebot

I am using the latest version 2022.06.98, and before that the 2022.06.92.

This is a new computer that I mounted last week, the OS is Windows 11 22H2, it’s a fresh installation.

My issue is, every time I boot the computer the Raidrive do not autostart, and even clicking in shortcuts or .exe directly do not make it start.

My temporary solution is to repair the Raidrive installation every time I boot the computer and then I can start the app normally, no issues with Google Drive.

This problem is new to me, since the installation on my 11 year old laptop never had any problems really.

Gratings in advance.

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I have exactly the same problem, a new install is needed everytime! It used to work seamlessly. I only have a technical readout of a fault in event viewer and it means nothing to me.

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Hi~ @Guyver01 , @megabyte ,

Try installing a new Night Build and let us know if the issue persists.

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Thank you it works very well now.

Thank you… working reliably now for some time.

I am having another issue now, in two new installations of Windows, every time I reboot the Raidrive starts the program but don’t start the drive, always appear a icon and arrow pointing saying revive Raidrive.