Installation error,Stop and rollback when installing Raidrive

Stop and rollback when installing Raidrive. Attempted to install various versions: RaiDrive_ 1.4.4、RaiDrive_ 2022.6.56_ x64、RaiDrive_ 2022.6.92_ X64, but the error result is the same. See attached new log:MSIBBF8.
MSIBBF8.LOG (449.2 KB)

Hi~ @Icerain_W ,

Try installing Night Build and let us know the results.

Thank you for your help. I have tried to install Night Build, but the same problem still occurs.

Hi~ @Icerain_W ,

Have you installed the Eldos Device Software that needs to be installed during the RaiDrive installation process?
Please check the Eldos Device Software is installed.


I’m sorry that my software ability is not good. How can I download this software? My computer system is Windows 11 Home Edition.

I had the same installation problem, no prompt driver installation window appeared.