Increase cache's lifetime for files get often accessed

I did pm via email and request that feature is “if files get used frequently then increase its lifetime” and i hope it will be implemented soon.
The main purpose is reducing stress for disk and network for files that often used by users so its really important for users who rely on its feature.
Please keep me update if the feature comes, RaiDrive.

Hi~ @Potato,

Thanks a lot for your proposal. :+1:


RaiDrive deletes a temporary file after “read/write lifetime” when any application does not use an original file in the cloud (technically when all handles of the file are closed). This means that every time open a file within a lifetime, the lifetime will be expanded. This is the current feature.

The “frequently” might be difficult to define explicitly. If you have an idea, please let us know at any time.


Thanks a lot for the answer. Its good to know the file did increase its lifetime after open and close.