Incorrect drive size when mounted via sftp in RaiDrive

I use 1TB external hard drive shared via sftp for my windows backups. RaiDrive allows to read/write files to it, but instead of 1TB free space it showed 7.99EB, which became a 30TB figure (same drive) after updating to recent version of RaiDrive today. This issue confuses my windows back up software, since it is unaware about when the back up disk is about to get full. I saw similar post here capacity option but my version of RaiDrive does not have a capacity option as stated in the answer. What would be a solution?

Hi~ @Valerii_Klymchuk ,

In SFTP, capacity information can be checked only in units of folders, so RaiDrive adds up information of all folders within the recognized root folder.
Therefore, it may be inaccurate.
Please try the latest version and comment again.

I already have the latest version 2022.6.41 installed:

I also tried creating a folder winbackup in the root of the shared drive, but that did not help:

Any ideas why? What else can be the cause?

Hi~ @Valerii_Klymchuk ,

Check it out with Night Build and let us know the result.

Updated to Night Built Version 2022.6.46 but it did not fix the issue, 1TB drive is displayed as 232TB in RaiDrive :

I wish I could use it, but windows backup is crashing every time when 1TB disk is full.

@Valerii_Klymchuk, Thanks a lot for your report.

Could you let us know what kind of SFTP server?

We hope to build a ptatch for your case.

I have the opposite problem.

My sftp has a root folder with 200mb of free space. My all my hard drives are mounted under /media (3 1tb drives).

I can’t copy any files greater than 200mb since the new (since the last 3-4 versions) way to calculate free space think I only have 200mb of free space, when I have over 30gb of free space on each of my hdd.

I think an option to revert to the previous behavior (free space = 9.8eib) is required.

It must be a built-in sftp sever on MacOS… My 1Tb NTFS-formatted partition of 2Tb [Samsund SSD] attached to a Mac via Thunderbolt3 port and shared using MacOS 12.5 via local network such that RaiDrive installed on my second Windows 11 Machine can access it using sftp, then it puts my windows back up on it.
(Portable SSD X5 2TB Memory & Storage - MU-PB2T0B/AM | Samsung US)

Hi~ @Valerii_Klymchuk ,

It has been found that the default SFTP on Mac returns unusual capacity information.
RaiDrive has supported this because many users want to provide capacity information.
However, this seems to have caused more inconvenience to users because theoretically and technically accurate capacity information cannot be provided.
Therefore, we will not provide this function in a future version, and will only provide the maximum capacity setting function as before.

Version 2022.6.49 fixed my problem. There is no free space listed. Thanks !

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