I have this problem constantly

I have this problem constantly, out of nowhere RaiDrive stops working and my Explorer crashes, I also use a program that backs up directly via Google Drive using RaiDrive, but it can’t process because RaiDrive crashes

Hi~ @Mateus_Dias,

Could you send log files (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) to support@raidrive.com?

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service.log (81.4 KB) service.log.1 (25.0 KB) service.log.2 (47.5 KB) service.log.3 (108.4 KB) center.log (17.7 KB) center.log.1 (675 Bytes) center.log.2 (297 Bytes) center.log.3 (297 Bytes)

Thanks a lot for your support, @Mateus_Dias.
After researching, let you know why this happens.