How to remove publicity add from different accounts

I would like no remove the publicity adds. I use a professional account. But I install RaiDrive in others computers. When I start with my account in one computer in the other computer RaiDrive closes. So what I need to do? in order to remove the publicity from all my computers.

Hi~ @David_Ortega ,

If you subscribe to one Professional Edition, you cannot use it on more than one device at the same time.
If you log in with the same account on another PC while logged in to one PC, you will be logged out of the PC you were originally logged in to.
If you want to use it at the same time, you need to subscribe to an additional license.

Ok, so the recommendation is to buy an additional license with another gmail account in the other PC? And this way access to the same 2Tb Data plan that I purchase at my account 1 of gmail?

Or your refer to buy another sing-in licence and this way use the same google account?

Hi~ @David_Ortega ,

You can either add the number of licenses to your existing account or subscribe to the Professional Edition with a new account.
You can also connect Google Drive to any Google Account you have, regardless of your RaiDrive login account.

Thanks a lot! I would add a new sing-in license :sparkling_heart: