How to improve the Read/Write speed and performance?

Right now I’m using Google Drive with a paid plan and I want to store some Roms in order to play with an Emulator that’s installed on my PC. In general it works just fine, but the performance to Read (load the file) and to Write (create a save game) is kinda slow.

Not insanely slow, but enough to be annoying.

I also noticed that when I’m loading a folder full of images, especially family photos that are large files. It takes a long time to load all the thumbnails or to open the file with an image viewer. And the same when I need to upload more images to said folder.

Right now the drive is setup with “Reconnect at Boot”, “Local Disk” and “Public” and there is nothing on the Bandwidth fields.

There is any way to improve the usage in such context? Any configuration on RaiDrive?

hello hope you fine first of all try to write articles blog posts read them carefully the same problem was with me I tried and tried again and I wrote a blog for this