Hi everyone , I get Raidrive 2020.6.36 and install it

I’m using Microsoft Surface Pro X ( ARM prossesor x64bit & paralle x86bit Program ) .
When i setup Raidrive it understand that i’m using x86bit program , running setup and get Error in finally step ( Unkown Error (0xe000000235 ) . I’m install full of C++& Farmnetwork lasted update .
Please Let me know that Raidrive is working on this Surface ,
THanks everyone .


RaiDrive does not support ARM processor. :cry:

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There is a solution for ARM 64bit that if i install 32 or 86 bit it is okey . Is there a 32bit version for Raidrive sir ?

RaiDrive does not have a 32bit-only package.

Even though you can use “x86 emulation”, the device drive would be next hurdle.