Google Photos: No refresh when deleting items


I am using the free version of RaidDrive to read the Google Photos file that I have.

I noticed that if I take a new picture and upload it to Google Photos from my phone, it appears through RaidDrive very quickly.

However, if I delete the photo from Google Photos, clear the deleted items, the mapped drive will still show the file, even though its no longer there.

If I unmount and mount again, the file is still there. I can’t open it, the picture gives an error, but the drive does not refresh.

The only solution I found was to unmount the drive, delete meta.db and then mount it again and then voila, the file is gone from the mapped drive.

Is there a way to get deleted items to synchronize correctly?

Hi~ @David_Harrison ,

The Google Photos API does not provide any information about changes.
RaiDrive only retrieves and displays new images based on the last image.
It does not check for image deletions.
This is because all images must be checked for deletion in order to reflect image deletions.
If you delete an image and want it to be reflected, you’ll need to delete the Google Photos drive from RaiDrive and then recreate it.