Folder Sort Order

First of all, wonderful little thing this :+1:

Im tinkering a little bit with a project where I’m reading file and folder structure, and I now came across a strange thing.

I use the function Directory.GetDirectories(FolderPath) to get a list of the folders available there. These I then place in a drop down list. The thing is that I get this in different order depending on if I use RaiDrive for mapping the drivers, or normal drive mapping through file explorer. When using RaiDrive they don’t list in alphabetical order.

Does anyone know why this might be?

Se the two images I have included.SortOrder1 SortOrder2

I solved it for now with this workaround:

        Directories = Directory.GetDirectories(FolderPath)
        System.Array.Sort(Of String)(Directories)

Would still be interesting to know why the default sort order differs between RaiDrive and normal mapping

I have the same trouble. If there is a function to sort files in RaiDrive for scripting it would be much more convenient for us.

Hi~ @fchxia ,

RaiDrive does not sort the list of files when providing the list.
We think sorting the list of files is better left to the user.
If you have any good comments in the future, please let us know.
thank you.