File compare freeze

I’m using WinMerge on top of RaiDrive to compare two FTP accounts.
Both accounts are working and mapped to local drives.

The process of comparing file contents in WinMerge freezes after a number of files.
The RaiDrive service.log shows a lot of exceptions. Here’s an example:

[ERROR] FTP API : AzureTest : File DownloadInit Fail : Exception : User cannot log in (530).
[ERROR] FTPFILE FILE : /site/wwwroot/somefile.php : File DownloadInit2 Failed : Exception : {“WinErrorCode”:5,“NotifyErrorCode”:203,“RaiException”:“DownloadInit Failed”,“Filename”:“somefile.php”,“InnerException”:“User cannot log in (530).”}

However, when comparing the same files individually: no issue. Seems to be a bulk read issue / number of concurrent connections or something.

What could be causing this? Any suggestions highly appreciated!

Hi~ @raidrive6 ,

This problem usually occurs when the FTP server limits the number of concurrent connections.
Try increasing the number of connections per user or the number of connections per IP in the FTP server settings. (minimum 4)

If the problem persists, please e-mail( us the FTP server name, version information, and log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log), and we’ll get back to you after analysis.