Feature Request for an issue: RaiDrive detects a different network and ignores connection error

I have RaiDrive installed on my laptop and take between our work network and my home network. I have SSH shares that I can only access via the work network unless I use VPN. When I am on the home network RaiDrive consistantly tries to connec to the SSH drives and cannot. In the morning when I get back into the work network I have dozens of pop-ups of failed connections and have to click cancel on all of them.

Potential Feature request?
Can RaiDrive detect and only try and connect while on a certain labeled network per drive?
Can RaiDrive establish a vpn connection just for networks that are unreachable?

Hi~ @RJ_Donato ,

Thanks for your comments.
Realistically, what you suggested is difficult to provide because it is difficult to generalize.
It would be good to find a separate program or tool and try it out.