Error when connecting to Azure

Hi there,

First post here. Set up an Azure storage account. Connected RaiDrive. I see the videos I uploaded there in File Explorer.

However, when I go to play the m4v file I get the following error:

The file plays just fine locally. Just not through RaiDrive folder.

I don’t see any documentation at all for Azure, so not sure what to do from here. Appreciate any help!

Additional INfo:

  • I’m currently using the free version.
  • I set it up the Storage Account as “File”


Some further info in service.log.

These seem to be repeating every few minutes:

2020-09-04 00:03:25.727 [ERROR] AzureStorage API : Azure Storage : GetSubFolder Failed : Unable to connect to the remote server
2020-09-04 00:03:25.727 [ERROR] AzureStorage (Azure Storage) : #### FOLDER ENUM : API Call Error : Unable to connect to the remote server

This appears to be errors thrown when I attempt to access the file via the shared drive:

2020-09-04 00:09:17.493 [ERROR] AzureStorageFile FILE : /movies/file.m4v : DOWNLOAD ERROR : 1359 : {“WinErrorCode”:1359,“NotifyErrorCode”:203,“RaiException”:“Unable to connect to the remote server”,“Filename”:“file.m4v”}
2020-09-04 00:09:21.732 [ERROR] AzureStorageFile FILE : /movies/file.m4v : CacheFile Read Failed : {“WinErrorCode”:1223,“NotifyErrorCode”:203,“RaiException”:""}
2020-09-04 00:09:21.732 [ERROR] FILESYSTEM : Azure Storage : Read Fail : Exception : {“WinErrorCode”:1223,“NotifyErrorCode”:203,“RaiException”:""}

So it’s working now for some reason, but it took all night before the file would stream across. Can you help understand how this works and what the delay / errors might be due to?