Error webdav office word files

I’m using raidrive to build a webdav with Alfresco ECM, however some Word files are disappearing from the folder. If we press F5, show it again and then disappear again. Looking in the log file, I see some errors. Could you help us solve this problem?

error.log (7.0 KB)

Hi~ @Pedro_Ramalho ,

According to the log you sent, the error is a response from the server stating that the file could not be found. (404 Not Found)
In other words, the issue occurred because the download request returned that the file does not exist.
This issue can have several causes.
One possibility is that the file name is too long.
Depending on the type of server, there are servers that do not work well when the file name or full path is too long.
Another cause is that the characters in the file name do not match what was requested on the server.
In this case, you need to directly connect to the server and check it.
This issue occurs quite differently depending on the type of server, so you need to check the limitations of the server.
Please change the file name to short and try again. If the problem persists, upgrade the server or upgrade RaiDrive to the latest version.
If possible, please send your test account and connection information via email( so that we can connect to and test the server where the issue occurs, and we will connect and test it directly.

Thanks for the feedback.
With your help I identified that the problem occurs when the file has two spaces, for example:
file_,_ name.docx (after a while disappears)
file name.docx (the problem does not occur)
Could you check the reason?
Thank you very much.

Hi~ @Pedro_Ramalho,

If there is a white space and the file cannot be downloaded, it is considered to be an Alfresco ECM WebDAV problem.
RaiDrive requests by substituting %20 for spaces, which is a standard HTTP request.
There may be other causes that were not identified.
Try using Windows’ built-in WebDAV. (Reference link)
If you have the same issue when using Windows built-in WebDAV, it would be a good idea to contact Alfresco.