ERROR: Unable to mount ISO-File from WebDAV-Share

Hi @RaiDrive,
We’re unable to mount an ISO file (ie: double click on ISO-file in Windows Explorer) that is located on a WebDAV-Share.


There is no relevant information in the RaiDrive-log file in regard to this error. To make sure there is no problem with our WebDAV-Server, we’ve also tested it with the MountainDuck software. MountainDuck allows mounting the ISO file in Windows Explorer.

To reproduce the error copy an ISO file to a WebDAV share and double click on it.

The issue occurs on Windows 10 1809 and 1903. Other versions have not been tested so far.

RaiDrive versions tested: 1.6, 1.8, 2019.11.29

Copying the file from WebDAV to local drive allows mounting the ISO as expected.

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Hi~ @WAMozart,

You’re right. ISO mount feature is supported only on the public network drive type.
Our device driver does not handle this feature on the local disk. :thinking:
Probably it would be supported in the future version.

Hi @RaiDrive,

thanks for your reply. Can you explain what is a “public network drive”?


public network drive means

If you uncheck “Local Disk” options, it will be a network drive.

@RaiDrive thanks! I see, that feature is available in subscription only.

Yes, “Public” is a professional feature. :sweat:
Unfortunately “Public” is mandatory for ISO mount form Windows.

Fortunately, RaiDrive version 2019.12.20 supports ISO mount in a public local disk and also a public network drive.