Drive not updating, v. 2020.6.80

Hey Guys.

recently i have noticed that my drives are not updating.
i have a drive connected with 1 mail ( this mails owns the drive )
then i have a share to another mail activated on another machine.
this drive is not updating content.
a reconnect fixes it, for a day or 2.

I also had this issue with MEGA until someone here told me that I needed to activate an option in Raidrive. I don’t understand why this option is not always activated by default as it’s definitely ultra useful. I had tons of issues for 2 months with files not updating (on my mounted cloud drive). Since I activated that : it works perfectly for 3 days now. So great.
Anyway, disconnect raidrive and in the settings of your Raidrive cloud storage connection, (GEAR icon / Edit), activate :
Update Storage Changes asynchronously.
Reconnect Raidrive and it should all be fine now.

Hopefully it’ll do the trick for you as it did it for me.