Desktop app shows Stadard Edition but subscription shows Professional Edition

I’ve upgraded from Stardard to Professional Edition recently but the desktop application doesn’t show Professional Edition.

  • I uninstalled after upgrading and re-installed but still showing the same.
  • I’ve logged out and back in but even that didn’t resolve the issue.

Am I missing something?

Hi~ @Pieter_du_Plessis ,

Thanks a lot for your subscription.
Please check your default subscription at the following link.

Default subscription checked and indicates Pro edition. Please see below.

Hi~ @Pieter_du_Plessis ,

A log file is required to check the exact condition.
If you send us the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) via e-mail(, we will check it again and let you know.

Hi~ @Pieter_du_Plessis ,

Default icon is created when set to Default subscription.
If you select Professional Edition and click the Set default subscription button to set it as the default subscription, you can use it normally.


I’ve checked and there is no options to change as per your screenshot. Please see below:

Is there a different version of the application that I should maybe download?

Hi~ @Pieter_du_Plessis ,

Is the Set default subscription button not activated when you click Professional?

Ahhhh! Now that makes a lot more sense. Would be great if you specified that that is how you need to process once you subscribed.