Crash when connecting to Google Photos

Hi – I’m looking for a solution for syncing Google Photos to a local machine. So Raidrive seems ideal, as once I have a drive letter I can use a sync utility. However, when I connect to Google Photos it maps as a drive, and I can see Photos Albums and Shares as Folders, and a couple # folders for Recent and All photos. But as soon as I click on one of them Raidrive crashes. I’m using the current download of 1.7. Thanks for any help! – David

Hi~ @David_Cardinal,

Google Photos connector of RaiDrive has the limited quota from Google.
Now a days this quota was going close to the max.
If quota meet to or over the max, RaiDrive will crash. This is our mistake(BUG).

We handled the parameter not to crash temporarily and are watching the stable state.
Thanks a lot for your report and it will be fixed in the next version.