Cant Use the Shared Link anymore on Onedrive only Shared Drive

I have been using Raidrive for a little bit now and the standard version has been working fine for what I need, but just this morning I have installed on a new machine I have and now when i go to put a Shared link in that I have setup and other machines access, it does not let me and I see the $ symbol on the ok button, I do not understand what has happened, I am using the same version but not letting me, please assist As soon as possible please so I can complete this install


Hi~ @Adam_Maher,

Sorry for the confusion from the license issue.

Basically the features of “Shared Link” and “Shared” are for the Professional subscription. (

But it was mutated under some environment or situation which we don’t know. :cold_face: We will keep researching why this happens.


I have advised this and other customers this was a great solution and working well as I tested it myself and the only way to make the solution to work was via the Shared Link so now I have some PC that do work and the others that do not, i will have to ask if they will pay

The Solution is based around not accessing there one onedrive but a common one Drive which we purchased just for this and then the directories under the root that they call have access to on there PC, but anyway I will have to ask if they will pay else look for another free solution

Can I ask do you have like a MSP Program in which I could make some money out of pushing the sale of the software, I know with things like CC Cleaner and other, i purchase it for 50% of the monthly cost then i can resell it for the same Price as you, let me know if you have something like this

Thanks Adam

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Hi~ @Adam_Maher,

We’re considering whether “Shared Link” should be available only on the Professional in the future version.

Thanks a lot for your idea about a MSP program. But we have no plan yet.

Be great to get the Shared link in the Free version at the moment, my customer is a bit upset at me as I told him this was the solution after I tested it and it worked on a few PC fine, I must have just been unlucky on the installs i did when testing and it worked fine, I only use it to map 1 directory they use, 1 drive at the moment so its anouying him that its not what i told him it was but anyway working on them.

On The MSP, I reckon I could make it part of my Managed solution offering if you where to give me a reseller price as I love the product and its really starting to fit with what I am doing

Let me know if there is a way we can do this at the moment, maybe not as a fully developed MSP Program but just someway that I can buy and then pass to customer