Cant Login to my RaiDrive account

Hi guys, I just updated to latest version RaiDrive 2020.11.38. but since then i cant login to my accountScreenshot_96

How to solve this proble, i just try the trial version…

Hi~ @MechaHerc,

Does this issue when you log in from multiple devices and use it?
If you are subscribing to one Professional Edition license, log in to one device and use the same account on another device, and you will be logged out from the device you were originally logged in to. (1 License = 1 Device)
To use the Professional Edition on multiple devices, you will need to subscribe to an additional number of licenses.

I just use for 1 PC only. before this i use the free vers, work like charm, but suddenly when i update the latest one got this problem, so i try the pro vers for trial, still same…

Hi~ @MechaHerc,

We need a log file to check the issue you mentioned. Please send the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) by e-mail( and We will tell you again after checking.

hi thanks for head up, i already email the log file.

The COVID-19 plan has been expired at Feb. 28.
You have to set the default subscription to your new subscription in the following link.

aahh, its work now. thanks sir! :grinning: