Can't install 2022.6.56 x64

Can’t install newest version 2022.6.56. Installer try to download MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup.exe but fails. I have installed it manualy but installer doesn’t recognize it.
I can’t upload log file… “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”

Hi~ @Artur_Sokolowski ,

Please re-install WebView2 from the attached link and let us know the result.

Hi, I have installed exactly that version (105.0.1343.42), but installer isn’t detecting it.

Same here on multiple setups. Downloading Edge WebView2 in the newest version does not work and installation of ANY WebView2’s version manually is not detected by the installer.

How to resolve: install older version of Raidrive (2022.3.30), which also do not detect WebView2 and fail to download it, but the installer continues and you get the RaiDrive installed & working fine.

Version 2022.3.30 can be download here: Download RaiDrive 2022.3.30 for Windows |

Please fix this mandatory bug asap.

I have the same issue. Tried 4 laptops and all the same issue. I also installed the old version but this crahes a lot. Need to kill Raiddrive to resolve explorer hanging.

same here… please fix a.s.a.p

Hi~ @Martijn_Kootstra, @Jacky_Mav, @Toneco_ICT, @Artur_Sokolowski,

Thanks a lot for your reports.

It was caused by the link from unstable internal settings and was changed to the official link from Microsoft. This is a new patch for installing WebView2 runtime.

If it has some kind of trouble, please let us know.