Can't activate the Professional version

Hello i when i click to register on software (Installed on Windows Server Standar 2016 R2) and log in just refresh the page and nothing happen… how can active the pro version? Thanks

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me too! I use Windows 10 Pro x64 last update. So I can’t use RaiDrive Pro. Fix it asap!

Estou com o mesmo problema!

Hi~ @Angel_Todorov, @Coral, @Joao_Hueder,

Very sorry for your inconvenience.
We found out why this happened and fixed it now.
It was caused by some of session servers trouble.

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i still can’t register. try whit different browsers and with no data in the browsers. can you tell me which version works ? thanks

@Angel_Todorov, @Coral,

We cannot guess what kind of trouble is.
Could you attach some screenshots about this issue?

I dont see any error message just refresh the Login page…I have the last version from the web.

Now i see the ERROR

When i try to login i have 1 redirect then i try to login again and the third redirect go to http ERROR 400

This is the links of redirect (are the same) but The first time i have white background of the login page. the second Black and the third HTTP ERROR 400. I hope you can resolve it soon or tell me wich version i can use. I need to use it for Create FTP access to local disk. Thanks

I still waitnig for resolve the problem. And i need it. Thanks

We are still digging… :sweat_smile:

@Angel_Todorov, por acaso voce utiliza algum proxy? alguma VPN? este erro é comum quando se possui alguns deste serviços ativos, mas modifique no windows o seu navegador padrão, coloque IE ou Firefox e tente fazer login, se for o caso, remova o browser e reinstale ele novamente, este erro já aconteceu comigo, tente também fazer uma limpeza de cache do seu navegador verifique se sua conta utiliza software de Autenticação de dois fatores, verifiquei que você esta tentando instalar em um Windows server, geralmente é necessário colocar o link que esta acessando como seguro.

This issue was reproduced in our lab and might be related to a cookie setting.
Could you try with “Accept” or “Allow”?

Internet Explorer

Internet Options > Privacy > Settings


Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data

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I have the coockies activate but its not working

Hello, is there a chance that you can solve the problem that exists? you cannot buy:
Error: Request failed with status code 500

Hi~ @Jose_Esparza,

Thanks a lot for your report. :+1:
Your culture information settled by RaiDrive was not proper for a subscription.
This issue has been fixed and you can get started now.

I have the same problem. I signed up for my account ( and it is not yet activated as a premium.

Hi~ @Cinemando_Ponto_Net, @Jose_Esparza, @Renato_Alcara, @Angel_Todorov, @Coral, @Joao_Hueder,

Could you check system time synchronization on your PC?