Cache operation when mounting encrypted volumes

RaiDrive provides a way for a Veracrypt or Truecrypt volume to be stored in the Cloud and mounted locally. This works but is unusable except for small volumes because the entire encrypted file is downloaded to the cache when mounted and uploaded again when the volume is dismounted.

Am I correct in thinking that this usage would still work if RaiDrive allowed direct read/write without a cache? Are you planning to implement direct read/write?

Hi~ @ms.misar,

This issue is not a RaiDrive problem, it is a characteristic of Cloud Storage.
The reason is that almost all Cloud Storage does not support partial write. Therefore, if the file is partially modified, you must upload the entire file.
It seems that you will have to find another way to avoid this issue yourself.

My apologies. I forgot to mention that the Cloud Storage I am using is Dropbox which supports block-level transfers. I use it to store several 1 GB encrypted volumes and Dropbox will sync them in seconds after changing a few files in local copies of the volumes. It is impracticable to use any of the other popular Cloud Storage services in this way because as you say even a small change in the content of a local copy of the volume requires re-uploading the entire 1 GB file.

For information, Dropbox can only sync the volumes when they are dismounted since their files are locked when mounted. I tested RaiDrive with a very small test volume but of course I was mounting the locally cached copy not one stored in the Cloud. My aim was to avoid keeping local copies by using RaiDrive to directly mount volumes stored on Dropbox. The only way to test whether that is possible would be to turn off RaiDrive caching.