[BUG] Problem with multi-user environment

Hi @RaiDrive,

I’ve updated RaiDrive to “Version 2019.11.29 patch” and RaiDrive now keeps the mounted drives in a private namespace. Very good!

However, when I switch to another user I am no longer able to add/mount a new drive. All actions (“Add”, “Settings”,“Sign In”) are disabled.

To reproduce follow these steps:

  • Login with Windows user1
  • Mount some network shares in user1 account.
  • Now lock the Windows session.
  • Login with Windows user2
  • Open RaiDrive. All actions are disabled.

Expected behaviour:

  • user2 should be able to manage its own mounts and add/remove drives

Actual behaviour:

  • user2 is unable to perform any action

The expected behaviour has been implemented until RaiDrive 1.6.x. Since RaiDrive 1.8.0 this no longer works.

Can we have a fix please?

Thank you very much!

Could you retry version 2019.12.10 ?
In our lab it cannot be reproduced. :thinking:

@RaiDrive I’ve tested with latest 2019.12.20. Problem solved! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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