AutoLaunch at Login?

Is there a way to not have to click an icon/button to start start RaiDrive? Currently I when the application starts I have to click something for RaiDrive to be ‘alive’ then respond to a UAC prompt. I’ve got a Pro subscription which I thought might alleviate the need but it didn’t.

Hi~ @Vince_Averello,

You need to check like below screenshot.:slightly_smiling_face:


Please run services.msc and then select Automatic in the Startup type:

Yup, things were already set that way. The app starts but insists that I click a button before it fully launches. I’d guessed that was because I was using the free version. So, I subscribed at the $20/yr level. Still have to click a button before the app is ‘alive’ (its wording, not mine)

The alive means that RaiDrive Filesystem Service was dead. If you already set Startup type: to Automatic, the service was in trouble at booting time.

Could you send all log files(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) to

Logs sent! Sorry for the delay, just saw this and must have missed the email notification

Appreciate for log files, which will help us analysis this issue.
After researching we will let you know. :test_tube:

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Any update? Just hoping to get rid of the prompt after rebooting

Sorry for the late reply.

We are still trying to reproduce this issue in Windows Server 2019 Standard but nothing similar has happened. (also log does not say anything)

Could you check Event Viewer like RaiDrive refuse to start?

Nothing unusual in any of the logs.

Hello folks.
I have the free version (1.8.0) of this product and I absolutely LOVE it.
I experienced the exact same issue (the additional dialogs) and was able to resolve the issue by making the following very minor change.
(I have screen prints in case anyone is interested)
I attributed my issue to what I believe is a timing issue.
My pc is not the fastest and I have a number of things starting at the same time.

What I did:
run, services.msc
find and then double click on the service named “RaiDrive Filesystem Service”
click on the “recovery” tab
Change the value of “Subsequest failures” to “Restart the Service”.
click on ok
end services.msc
Now try to repeat the scenario under which you see those dialogs.

I can replicate the issue reported at will.
And I can fix it as well by the above procedure.

It works for me, I hope the above may be of some help to you.

Ray in Wisconsin

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@raykode, Thanks a lot for your suggestion. :+1:
We will set “Subsequent failures” to “Restart the Service” in the next version.