Auto-fill function

It would be great if the devs could make a function like the already excisting function “Log in with other credentails”.

But in this case the option should hold the username but leave the password. So when RaiDrive starts it doesnt prompt to enter username AND password but only a password. This makes is much more user friendly for our clients.

The best thing would be that the end user can see that their username is already filled in so they know what password they need to enter with it.

Hi~ @HestronicBV ,

Since the issue you mentioned is an important issue for the user’s security, we will consider it internally.

I see your devs made work of it. However, I can’t enter a username and leave the password blank. It tries to login with the username only and that is not what we like. We just want the username to be filled in so the user need to type in their own password. It does not need to auto-login with the pre filled in username already.

Can you make that happen? That would be lovely.