Almost non existent documentaion. Not a professional business product

I used the free personal raidrive and it’s quite good.
However, trying the pro product is an entirely different experience.
What can I say, when I pay money (or intend to) I expect some level of support, starting with top-notch documentation and having a support address for pro users or a forum much more lively and full of information.
None of the above exists as of yet.
It seems that the product is too new or to “freebie” yet to be a professional business product.


Hi~ @Israel_Solomon,

Really appreciate your subscription and advice.

Yes, you’re right.
RaiDrive Professional subscription has just stared about 8 months ago and is still growing up from the initial stage.

We think that RaiDrive is what all of us make together.
We promise that RaiDrive will keep trying to provide a more convenient experience.

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