Allow "timeout" feature when loading items in a folder


One of my team drives has over 350.000 files and folders (I know 400.000 is the limit).

When I move back and forth through folders, sometimes it takes long to load or the window hangs. After a few moments, goes back to normal. I consider this normal due to the large number of files in every folder I have.

The issue is, when moving back and forth a lot, and trying to load a folder that has over 6.000 files in it, sometimes it shows as the folder being empty, since it takes over X seconds to load every file in the folder.

This is why I request to change the “timeout” to load the items inside a folder.

I would like to point out that by installing a very old RaiDrive version (RaiDrive_1.6.2.416) that seems to have no timeout, the folder will load after a long time and show every item.

Thank you.

(I also would like to request an upload and download speed limiter)

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