All Google Drive / Google Workspace connections stopped working

As of now, all my connections to GDrive/ Google workspace stopped working. When trying to connect or sign in again, it redirects to the auth page of but it never loads.

I tried pinging and failed, it seems that your server for authorization is down. Please check a.s.a.p because this is breaking all the gdrive connections.


Added: screenshot of the error upon connecting

EDIT: seems to be resolved

same problem cannot login into my drive . i get error

Same issue. All our mapped drives are toast. Do they monitor this forum? Is there another way to let them know?

Same issue cannot login into

Onedrive for business can not log in as well. Appears the authentication service is down?

They do monitor this forum, I reported a bug last month and they released a quick fix just 2-3 days after. It’s now night time in South Korea (which I assume the team is in) so let’s wait.

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It’s back boys!!! Lets work"“”"

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Awesome how quick they got it resolved. Thanks!

We’re having this issue now. How do you guys resolve it?

Hi~ @IT_Admin1 @Eduardo_Felipe_Marco @Jia_Tern_Tam @Zip_Express @dante_ilan @Stepp_Shared_Office

The issue was caused by a DNS-related issue.
We’ve now resolved the issue and the service is back up and running.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping us informed of the situation.
Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues.